Using the Northwest Calendar

The university-wide calendar is an exciting new tool for the entire Northwest community. The Office of University Relations has been working diligently with individuals from all areas of the University to identify content personnel tonwms help establish calendar categories, refine processes and develop policies and procedures. The following outline will aid in the use of the calendar.

Please note, the Northwest Calendar is ONLY for Northwest sponsored events. Events not sponsored by Northwest are not to be placed on the calendar. Events held at drinking establishments or at any other venue where alcohol will be consumed will not be permitted to be publicized on the calendar, with the exception of off-campus Alumni chapter events.

Thank you,
The Northwest Calendar Team


These are broad categories defined by audience, function and content. All postings will need to be submitted in these categories; your area will need to determine if the event you are submitting should appear in multiple category areas. When posting an event, select ONLY the categories to which your event MAY apply (do not select other categories unless it was approved by the Administrator or is a defined process by your area).

  • Academics: academic department events, programs, Registrar's dates
  • Admissions: activities and events that support recruitment of students
  • Alumni: events for alumni
  • Athletics: events and activities involving athletics, including intramurals
  • Financial Dates: important financial dates and deadlines; bursar's office, payroll
  • Kansas City / St. Joseph Centers: events taking place at Northwest's outreach centers
  • Performances: Encore, theatre, lectures, dance and other cultural events; open to the public
  • Residential Life: programming, residential hall information
  • Student Events: all student activities and organizational events

Posting Personnel

The personnel identified here can assist with posting questions. These individuals were selected to be Calendar Content Managers by their respective areas.

Postings Defined

A posting is an event, date or project/activity deadline.

Calendar Style Guide

Short, concise entries are suggested. If you have additional information, such as forms, these materials should be referenced at a provided URL where the information resides.
Every calendar entry must include the following:
Name of the event:
Date and time of the event: This is a required field. Example: 09/18/2008 03:00 PM
Where the event is being held: This is also a required field. The building location is a dropdown menu. You also must complete the room number and address. If the building is not available, you may type the location in the "Specific Location" text box.
Contact: Another required field is the sponsor entry. You must include a department/school/division sponsor as well as a point of contact email and phone number. Do not use individual names. Phone numbers should include the complete 10-digit number including the area code.
Calendar(s) Selection: Every entry will be posted on the master calendar. You can also select other calendar options to maximize your interest audience. (Ex. Encore - you would select the "Performances" calendar.) Do NOT add your event to calendars that do not pertain to your area!

The rest of the information should be captured in the narrative/description section.
Who is the audience for the event? (for example, entire Northwest community, students, faculty and staff)
Purpose: Describe the event/program/project
Cost: Note if the event is free or if there is a registration free, when applicable

To assist you in writing your item, the University has an editorial style guide available at http://www.nwmissouri.ed/universityrelations/mediaguide/style/index.htm

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