Stoa Talks: "The Expression of Humanity and the Human Forum through Artistic Movements," Lauren Moye

Valk Center, Room 90

Friday, October 23, 2020 @ 3:00 pm

Stoa Talks are organized by Northwest students. Academic majors and minors in any program in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences are invited to submit presentations that discuss topics pertaining to academic work within the student’s program of study.

Stoa refers to the ancient Greek stoas, or colonnaded porches, where people gathered to hear the wise men talk. The ancient philosophical school of Stoicism was named such because its founders taught at the stoas.

In accordance with Northwest COVID-19 mitigation measures, all attendees are required to wear a face covering and maintain at least 6 feet from others.

Contact Info

Richard Field
(660) 562-1296

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