Aug 28, 2015 to Aug 30, 2015

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Sep 2015
8:30 am

Introduction to the New MAP-A

Troester Media CenterThis training is designed to help educators gain knowledge of Dynamic Learning Maps (the New MAP A). Time will be spent in understanding the...

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  9:00 am

SW-PBS Emerging Year 1 - Coaches Meeting 1

Cameron City HallSW-PBS is a process for creating safer and more effective schools by structuring the learning environment to support the academic and social...

23 Views   updated 6 d ago
Sep 2015
8:30 am

Using DLMs as an Instructionally Embedded Tool

J.W. Jones Student UnionThis workshop is for teachers who HAVE used the DLM system during the 2014-15 school year. Participants will gain knowledge of how to use Dynamic...

45 Views   updated 3 d ago
Sep 2015
9:00 am

Establishing Professional Learning Communities

Troester Media CenterThis cohort will learn about the importance of building a strong foundation with a mission, vision, collective commitments, and goal setting....

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  9:00 am

New Teacher Induction and Mentoring - Late Hires

J.W. Jones Student UnionThis training series is the first step in developing a confident beginning teacher and capable mentor. New this year, mentors will experience a...

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  9:00 am

SW-PBS Emerging Advanced - Coaches Meeting 1

Cameron City HallThis series of four coaches meetings is designed for schools continuing implementation with students at the Tier 1 level. For more information or...

14 Views   posted 6 d ago
Sep 2015
8:00 am

Desired Results Developmental Profile- DRDP 2015

Troester Media CenterThe DRDP-PSĀ© (2015) is a research-based, observation readiness tool for the assessment of young children approved by the Missouri State Board of...

42 Views   posted 30 d ago
  8:00 am

Leadership Academy

MOERA Outdoor Recreation Area

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Sep 2015
9:00 am

SW-PBS Tier 2 Social Skills Intervention Groups - Coaches Meeting 1

Troester Media CenterSW-PBS Coaches/Teams of Tier 2, Advanced schools will meet together to learn about designing a complete Tier 2 system of support for students and...

10 Views   posted 6 d ago
  9:00 am

What All Para-Professionals Need to Know

Northwest-St. JosephThis two-day, hands-on, interactive workshop will concentrate on training para-professionals to be successful in their school assignments. For more...

11 Views   posted 6 d ago
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