Nov 6, 2017 to Nov 8, 2017

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Nov 2017
9:00 am

Discover Your Major Visit Day: Behavioral Sciences

J.W. Jones Student UnionThis Discover Your Major Visit Day is for students who are interested in Northwest and wish to learn more about areas in Behavioral Sciences....

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  3:30 pm

Designing Your Course Site for Mobile

B.D. Owens LibraryThis workshop session will cover how to better design your course site to take advantage of the mobile application.

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Nov 2017
8:30 am

Mock Interview Day

J.W. Jones Student UnionMock Interview Day helps students gain interviewing experience by meeting face-to-face with real employers, who provide students with direct...

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 12:00 pm

Weekly meditation time

J.W. Jones Student UnionStudents and employees are invited to participate in a free meditation time offered twice a week by the University’s Wellness Services throughout...

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  3:30 pm

NW Online Feature: Collaboration

B.D. Owens LibraryThis workshop session will cover the collaboration feature in Northwest Online.

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  4:00 pm

Bearcats Beyond Borders: An International Student Support Group

B.D. Owens LibraryThis group intends to create a safe and confidential space where international students can share stories and cultural practices, as well as...

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Nov 2017
9:00 am

Discover Your Major Visit Day: Wildlife, Organismal and Marine Biology

J.W. Jones Student UnionExplore the Department of Natural Science's Marine Biology and Wildlife Ecology and Conservation majors, which includes interacting with current...

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 10:00 am

"Essential Skills"

J.W. Jones Student UnionThis session is presented by Northwest Career Services
This presentation will focus on career readiness and success in life skills.

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 12:00 pm

How to find an Internship

J.W. Jones Student UnionLooking for internship experience but don't know how to get started? This event will help you clarify your goals, and organize a search strategy...

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  2:30 pm

International Coffee Hour

B.D. Owens LibraryJoin students, faculty, and staff from across campus in an informal setting to actively engage and interact with each other. Hosted by US Bank in...

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  3:30 pm

Microsoft Office Sway

B.D. Owens LibraryA new way to create and share interactive reports, presentations, newsletters and stories. This workshop will be an introduction to this tool.

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  7:00 pm

DEI: “The Cherokee Diaspora: A History of Migration, Survival and Pride

Ron Houston Center for the Performing ArtsGregory Smithers, an associate professor of history at Virginia Commonwealth University, specializes in Native American history and is the author...

13 Views   posted 12 d ago
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